Ad Hoc Training

Our Office offers ad hoc services for staff and faculty skills development. Ad hoc training sessions address specific challenges that our colleagues face in their work with students; in turn, this allows our office to deliver targeted training and support tailored to the evolving needs of our student body rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Examples of what we have offered include:

  • Listening sessions to support the professional development of academic advisors
  • Consultation services for academic advisors and departments seeking guidance on advising strategies and program development
  • Research and assessment services for campus partners in using the Intervention Effectiveness dashboard in Navigate
  • Micro-webinars on a specific LMS feature such as the use of Navigate appointment campaigns or effective Google/Navigate calendar management

For questions about setting up an ad hoc session with us, please contact Katina Velentzas, Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives, at